Professional competence

The spheres of our professional expertise encompass the main problems of the public and private areas of the economic entities’ business activities, as well as the civil rights and the personal status of the individual citizens as natural persons. The possibilities for influence spread out in different directions.

Public Sector

Our competence in this area encompasses issues related to public procurement, public-private partnerships, state aids, concessions, privatization. Protection of personal data, protection against discrimination.

Non-government and Social Sector

The legal framework for the organization and structure of the Non-government organizations /NGOs/ is included here, i.e. the not-for-profit legal entities of this specific variety. With regard to our practice, we definitely have accumulated  and have at our disposal experience in working with the legal regime of entities such as foundations, non-government organizations, sports organizations, and matters concerning sports management, reserve, hunting lodge rules and regulations and game laws in Bulgaria.

Social Affairs Area

We possess the necessary expertise to provide support in the sector of voluntary health insurance, of the rights of disabled people and their due treatment by the specialized state agencies for social aid. The legal regime of hospitals is naturally related to these agencies, because of their specific social function, despite that the legal status of hospitals is that of trade enterprises.

The Law of the European Union

Since January 1st, 2007, when Bulgaria joined the European Union, the EU law has been enacted as the parallel and independent legal order of the EU. It overrules the national legal regulations if they contradict to it. The persons and the legal entities can derive their rights directly from the European regulations, by invoking them and due to their inherent supremacy and direct applicability in the presence of certain defined pre-requisites.

Protection of Personal Data

The protection of individuals with regard to processing of their personal data is a fundamental right of every citizen of the European Union. It is proclaimed in Article 8 (1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union as well as in Article 16 (1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU and the EU's fundamental acts. First, this is the General Regulation on the protection of personal data (Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the EP and the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and with the denouncement of Directive 95/46 / EC), which has gained popularity in the public domain, such as GDPR.


Professional competence


1. Company Law

  • Setting up, registration and changes in registration of all types of trade companies
  • Setting up partnerships of trade companies – holding structures and consortiums
  • Reorganization of trade companies, including mergers, take overs, acquisitions and sale of companies, shares and interests
  • Management of public and private trade enterprises
  • Activities of management and control bodies of trade companies
  • Defence of shareholders’ rights, including minority rights
  • Representation of trade companies – trade representatives, agents and procurators
  • Disposing off - deals with stock and shares of trade companies. Sale of trade companies.
  • Development of share schemes – types of stock, stock categories and the relationship between them
  • Consulting and legal help on matters of competition, public procurement and state aid

2. Liquidation and bankruptcy, agreements with creditors, schemes of arrangements

3. Strategy for forming joint ventures and European partnership companies

4. Trade deals


  • Legal and financial analysis
  • Legal constructions and closing contracts
  • Representation and consultation during negotiations to participate in procedures
  • Analyzes and statements on tenders and tender papers and procedures
  • Foreign Investment Scheme


  • Research of the legal status of real estate
  • Preparation of preliminary and final contracts for deals with real estate
  • Construction contracts
  • Restitution claims


  • Legal representation in court and arbitration
  • Defence of European citizenship rights and human rights
  • Debt collection
  • Actions for compensation, proceedings for damages, executor proceedings
  • Defence against claims arising from trade and civil contracts, defence against illegal termination of consession contracts, etc.
  • Administrative cases – appeal of administrative measures and refusals to issue such acts /licenses, permits and administrative penal procedures/.
European Economic Area /EEA/
Economic operators of EU
Free Movement of People, Goods and Capital
State aid
References for preliminary rulings - The European Court of Justice - Luxemburg
  • Competition
  • European Economic Area /EEA/
  • Economic operators of EU
  • Free Movement of People, Goods and Capital
  • State aid
  • References for preliminary rulings - The European Court of Justice - Luxemburg



  • Administrative acts and the right to appeal them
  • Appeal and legal representation in front of administrative bodies and jurisdictions